About Grafik

Grafik is a design company situated in the UK, specialising in brand building, on-line web construction and digital media work. Created in 2000, we have over 15 years experience in graphic and website design and work with a wide range of UK and European clients, creating, hosting and managing websites, visual brand identities and design workshops. We combine ground-breaking creative software with a unique flare for design: Grafik is producing some of the most innovative designs solution in the UK.

As the way we communicate with our target markets changes, so does the need to update the visual identity (brand ID) of companies. The brand of a company is a vital strategic element in the overall success of the business, brands become etched in the minds of our target audience, often without them realising, As design in general moves forward and people demand more visual stimulation, the look of a business has to be right and if it’s not then people will pass you by. Ensuring that your web design, printed media and brand identity all have the same look and feel guarantees that your customers will fully understand what your business is all about; this will do wonders for your company profile and thus increase business and consumer confidence.